All Things Murder, In 150 Words Or Less

When Alice Duncan sent me the edited All Things Murder, she included a document titled Ancillary Materials. In this file I would assemble a variety of materials: a description of the book for the inside jacket flap, a shorter version of that for Five Star’s catalog, a blurb for the back cover, a list of physical traits of the main characters and a detailed synopsis for the cover design team, and an author biography. There were word count limits for a number of these items, making the task of writing them a fun challenge. I had written synopses of several page lengths before I started querying literary agents, but the exercise of writing the paragraphs for the catalog and jacket was a new experience. For years I had dreamed of being a published author, and suddenly there I was, writing copy for my hardcover!

For the back cover copy I submitted an excerpt from the story. I am hopeful that when the books ship in May 2014 they will not have that excerpt on the back, but instead blurbs from reviews, as well as an endorsement or two. I’m working on getting the latter now, so keep your fingers crossed!

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2 Responses to All Things Murder, In 150 Words Or Less

  1. Liesa Malik says:

    Good luck on the endorsements, Jeanne. I worked with a spreadsheet of potential reviewers and made first contact via email or phone. It was a surprise who did and did not respond. Wishing you every success. I’ll look forward to reading your book when it comes out.

  2. jquig2013 says:

    Thank you, Liesa! I’m looking forward to reading Faith On The Rocks.

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