The Author Photo

I love looking at the author photographs on the back flap of books. I like to know what the writer looks like, and sometimes I flip to the photo as I’m reading the story to get a look at the person who wrote the terrific passage I just read. But it was with some nervousness that I set out to have a photo taken to submit as part of the Ancillary Materials package for All Things Murder. I much prefer taking the photograph rather than posing for it. But how could I not have a photo at the back of the book? So I asked my niece, Shannon, to take the shot. She’s the editor of her school newspaper and an excellent artist (maybe I should have asked her to draw a portrait of me instead). She came over one day and I stood in a variety of locations outside the house, smiling while standing with perfect posture. My sister Patti stood behind Shannon, speaking words of encouragement. We had fun and ended up with a photo we all agreed was a fair representation of me. I’m now comfortable enough in front of the camera that I think I’d make an excellent hand model.

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