Fear Of Hyphens

I received the copyedited All Things Murder from Tracey Matthews on Monday. Tracey meticulously went through the manuscript and corrected the remaining errors. Through Tracey’s work I learned a bit more about myself as a writer and discovered I have a curious malady—Hyphenphobia. I’ve self-prescribed intense therapy and time away from my enabler, Microsoft Word. The prognosis is excellent. I’ll be fine.

All Things Murder will be released nine months from today! I won’t make any pregnancy analogies. Never been there, never done that.

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2 Responses to Fear Of Hyphens

  1. Liesa Malik says:

    I love the hyphen too–especially when it’s in a chain of thought, like the dog-ate-my-homework thing. Good luck with your publication. I think Tracey does a fantastic job catching all the little items. You’re in good hands with her–er–at least your manuscript is. ☺

  2. jquig2013 says:

    Hi Liesa! I agree. Tracey and Alice Duncan are fantastic editors and I am very happy to be a beneficiary of their expertise. Have a great weekend!

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