The Foundation Is Set

With editing completed, All Things Murder is now the foundation for the Veronica Walsh series. I’ve returned to it often as I write the second book. I’ve also referred to the table I created while writing All Things Murder that lists characters’ names, ages, physical descriptions, and relationships. I need to make sure a character who is short of stature in All Things Murder doesn’t suddenly tower over everyone. I also don’t want to age my characters like soap operas do with kids-one day they are seven and the next they’re twenty-five.

Before I started writing this second installment, I drew a map of Veronica’s hometown, Barton, with a particular focus on the main avenue, Orchard Street. A good part of the action in All Things Murder takes place on Orchard and specific references are made as to where shops are located. The map is very helpful in ensuring that businesses are in the same locations in book two and that Veronica and friends still reside on the streets named in All Things Murder. I’ve been adding new businesses, streets, and points of interest as I progress through Veronica’s new adventure. I’m running out of real estate! It was great fun designing the village and I hope it sparks readers’ imaginations as much as it continues to spark mine.

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