Veronica = Jeanne?

As I was writing a blurb about All Things Murder the other day, I paused just as I was about to refer to Veronica Walsh as my alter ego. I’ve called her my main character and main protagonist, but never alter ego. Is that who Veronica is? I asked myself. My “other I?”

Veronica and I are similar in a number of ways. We are both proud Americans of Irish descent. Catholic. Native New Yorkers. Virgos. Brunette. We both value family and friends. We have strong work ethics thanks to the lessons taught by our parents.

And how are we different? Veronica is a few years older than I, but just a few. I have three siblings; she has none. I hope no one attempts Freudian analysis on why I created Veronica as an only child. She would like my brothers and sister. Really!

Veronica is an award-winning actress and I am neither a professional nor an amateur thespian. Though I’ve had my moments, I’ve never been a consistent enough dramatic performer in my daily life to earn the label drama queen. I didn’t even “act” in my elementary school productions. I danced, first in the Guys and Dolls’ Kit Kat Club and then as a dance hall girl in the dream sequence of Oklahoma.

Veronica is braver and bolder than I. In All Things Murder, she sneaks around her neighbor’s yard at ten o’clock at night and invites herself into others’ homes when said others are not there. I won’t sneak around my own house-interior or exterior-in the dark. Forget about going next door or down the street. And to go into someone’s house when they are not there? Only if I have been hired as a housesitter, dog walker or plant caretaker. I have to admit, it is fun having Veronica perform these acts in my place.

Veronica is also an extrovert whereas I am very much an introvert. I’d like to be more like her on this trait. Perhaps this quality will rub off on me as I continue the mystery series I’ve named in Veronica’s honor.

I think I have answered my own question. Veronica is my alter ego with a few characteristics added to make her a great sleuth. Now please, no psychoanalysis.

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