All Things Murder – The Cover

I received an email Friday from Five Star Publishing Editor Tiffany Schofield with a very important PDF attached. The cover for All Things Murder! Family and friends have been asking, “Do you have the cover?” Well, here it is, in all its glory. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I absolutely love it.


I admit I had another cover design in mind. For months I have had an image of the murder scene fixed in my brain: Anna Langdon’s red stiletto heels beside the cast-iron skillet used to kill her. But don’t think for a moment I’m disappointed in the cover the designers have created. When I opened the PDF, I knew instantly the designers had come up with the perfect image. They took two very important elements from All Things Murder and drew a wonderful introduction to Barton.

First, the street depicted is Orchard Street. It plays a vital role in the story. Not only is Orchard Street the heart of the fictional Barton, it holds a very special place in the heart of main protagonist Veronica Walsh. Veronica’s mother, like many longtime shopkeepers, has supported both her family and community through her bookstore, the appropriately named Orchard Street Books. Nancy has nurtured the shop she and her husband opened in the 1950’s, surviving as an independent bookseller despite the competition of the big chain stores. Orchard Street, what it means both physically and emotionally to Barton, is integral to All Things Murder.

A second significant element in the story is the shop, All Things. Owned by Anna, the very profitable business plays a central role in the plot. How fitting, then, that the shop’s sign is featured most prominently on the cover, with MURDER written in blood. I’ll say it again, I love it!

This is an exciting step forward in the progress of All Things Murder. I’m so happy to share it with you. So, what do you think of the cover?

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UPDATE: I must acknowledge and thank the talented artists at ENC Graphic Services for their excellent work on the cover. I do a happy dance every time I look at their fabulous design. Thank you very much.

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