Adding Mystery To Your Christmas List

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas for a mystery reader? Or do you need a few books to add to your own wish list? Here are a few mystery series you or your loved one might enjoy.

Is there a grumpy old man in your life? Father? Uncle? Neighbor? You’ll surely recognize him in retiree Paul Jacobson, Mike Befeler’s protagonist in his Geezer-Lit Mystery series. This series has humor and heart to go along with the suspense and intrigue. Like many seniors, Paul has difficulty remembering things. But there is a twist: Paul’s short-term memory is erased every time he falls asleep. This problem poses quite a challenge for Paul as he carries out his sleuthing. It also lands him in deep trouble from time to time. You’ll root for Paul, despite his crankiness, and enjoy tagging along on his crime-solving adventures.

Elizabeth J. Duncan’s Penny Brannigan Mysteries is a delightful series set in Wales. Penny, a manicurist, is a Canadian who has lived in the Welsh village of Llanelen for many years. You will quickly take to the quiet, gentle Penny and will cheer her on as she blossoms personally and professionally through the series. An artist as well, Penny’s keen eye for detail helps her solve both current and decades-old murders. I may not be able to pronounce some of the Welsh names of the people and places in Duncan’s stories, but I certainly enjoy visiting with them for a spot of tea and a slice of murder.

Lisa Lutz’s Spellman Series has been described as awesome, wacky and hilarious. It absolutely is all this and more. I love the Spellmans, a San Francisco-based family of private investigators who give dysfunctional a whole new meaning. There is terrific wit, snark and warmth in the pages of every book in the series, which is narrated by daughter Isabel. I heartily recommend this clever series to all readers.

Karen MacInerney’s Gray Whale Inn Mysteries are set at an inn on Cranberry Island in Maine. It can’t get any cozier than that, can it? When innkeeper Natalie Barnes isn’t acting the gracious hostess her guests, she’s hard at work solving murders. Sometimes the victim is a guest, other times a resident of the tiny island. Natalie often has the help of her boyfriend, John, who happens to be a deputy sheriff, and her best friend Charlene. This engaging series will have you dreaming of a Maine vacation. An extra bonus-recipes for the dishes Natalie bakes for her guests are provided at the end of every book.

Mary Daheim’s Bed-and-Breakfast mysteries, Rhys Bowen’s Royal Spyness series and Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swensen books are also wonderful cozies. Check them out!

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