ARC Update


New York had a brief snowstorm yesterday morning. Two or three inches of large flakes covered the lawns and roads, making things a bit slippery for pedestrians and drivers as they went about their Saturday morning business. I finished my errands early and was able to enjoy the snow from the warmth of the living room. I was pleased to see it didn’t deter my cardinal friend from his normal routine. Isn’t he handsome?

This cute dark-eyed junco didn’t mind the weather, either.


I have a short update on All Things Murder. I’ve submitted ten advance copies to a group of lovely ladies who review books on their blogs. Most of the sites are devoted to cozies, but two cover all genres. I’m excited to spread the word on All Things.

I’ve also scheduled a few dates for my blog tour! I will provide guest posts for three blogs and be interviewed for two sites. I’m eager to write the posts; they will be great writing exercises and will provide a wonderful means to introduce All Things Murder, and myself, to the cozy audience. I’ll update you on the dates and locations of the guest posts when the tour’s start date nears.

Have a great week!

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