An All Things Excerpt

My brother Bob has not yet read All Things Murder. So as a teaser, I printed the first four pages (which comprise the first chapter) of the novel, pulled out four envelopes, and put a page in each. I addressed each envelope to a member of the family and put the envelopes in a box along with other Christmas goodies-cookies, candy, and Devil Dogs (Bob’s favorite)- and shipped the box out to Colorado.

The response was gratifying. I received a report that a dramatic reading of the pages had been performed Christmas afternoon. I can imagine the performance; my brother is quite a character and my niece has experience on the stage, thanks to her degree in music. No word on whether she sang the dialogue on her page. I’m sure award-worthy performances were given by all and that their two dogs howled with delight at the conclusion.

I wish I had a recording of the reading to post here. Since I don’t, I’ve posted the chapter here on a new page, appropriately labeled as Excerpt. Feel free to conduct your own dramatic reading, or just read quietly, if that’s your style.


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