Give Out The ARC Day

And now for an update on the promotion of All Things Murder.

It’s easy to send an email inquiring if a reviewer or bookstore manager would like an advance copy of All Things Murder. I’ve done plenty of that and have sent out a good number of ARCs to online reviewers and mystery bookstores across the country.  What’s not so easy for me is making a face-to-face request. The reason is one part shyness and one part a fear of rejection. I received so many “no’s” in my quest for publication, that it is still my default expectation. Not good! And silly. Really, it shouldn’t be difficult to walk into a library (repository of thousands of books and workplace of book lovers) or bookstore (again, lots of books and people who love to read them) and show my book.

I’ve made a few trips to my home library with an ARC in my bag, certain I’d give it to one of the kind librarians. Instead, each time I left without saying a word, the ARC still in my bag.

I resolved to overcome my fear this week, taking Friday off from my job and designating it Give Out The ARC Day. I first went to my library. I walked up to the checkout counter with All Things Murder in my hand, introduced myself, and showed the book to the librarian. This nice lady congratulated me, took a good look at the ARC, and sent me to the reference librarian.

Off I went to the reference desk, where two women sat. The woman who said, “May I help you?” turned out to be Nancy, the person responsible for the library’s collection of mysteries. I introduced myself and handed her the ARC. Her reaction left me wondering why I was so nervous about the visit. Nancy was delighted to receive a copy of All Things Murder. She said she would show it to her mystery group (yeah!) and mentioned that I should give a talk to the club(wow!). I left saying to myself, “I love my library!”

I then paid a visit to Barnes & Noble and met with Lisa, the Community Relations Manager. Lisa, like Nancy, was friendly and enthusiastic about All Things Murder. We discussed holding a signing at the store, though no date has been set. We’ll determine that closer to the book’s release.

I stopped at another local library on my way home from Barnes & Noble. Very few butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I walked in and introduced myself. Again, I was greeted by a very pleasant, welcoming librarian. This lovely lady even asked me to sign the ARC. Talk about a great way to end the day.

These great experiences have done much to alleviate my book promotion worries. Perhaps I was a door-to-door encyclopedia saleswoman in my previous life and just needed a jumpstart to get back in selling mode?

On a totally different note – It’s Oscar night! I love the Academy Awards. I’m looking forward to the show, though I haven’t seen any of the movies. Not one. Pitiful, I know. I usually wait until a film is on dvd and then borrow it from my library. But my total cluelessness won’t stop me from making a prediction. I think the acting awards will go to the favorites – Cate Blanchett, Matthew McConaughey, Lupita Nyong’o, and Jared Leto. The surprise will be in the Best Picture category, with American Hustle beating out 12 Years A Slave and Gravity. I could be wrong, but maybe not. We’ll know in a few hours.

Who are your favorites to win tonight? And which of the nominees do you recommend to this clueless bookworm?

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