All Things Murder’s IPO

All Things Murder took a big, public step last week. I opened a giveaway contest of four advance copies on Goodreads on Monday, giving readers an opportunity to receive the book before it goes on sale in May. The response has been encouraging, with several hundred entrants in one week’s time.

Are you a member of Goodreads? Since joining in September, I’ve been in touch with some very nice people and have added to my reading list a few entertaining cozy series. It’s a terrific site for readers. Whatever genre(s) you enjoy, there’s a group ready to welcome you. You can discuss your favorite authors and their work, learn of upcoming releases, and chat with fellow book lovers from around the world. At any given time, hundreds of books are offered as giveaways, and there are reviews posted for thousands more. Some of the contests are for well-known novels such as the new Bridget Jones or Amy Tan’s latest, but many are from authors ready to be discovered.

Come check it out and join us for some great book talk!


These cuties visited Sunday evening, stopping by our watering hole, a.k.a. the bird bath, for some light refreshment. They look like they’re about to shed their winter coats, though the forecast for the week indicates we’re due for another taste of winter before March ends.

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