The Time Has Come

Finally, the week has arrived. All Things Murder will be released on Wednesday, May 21. When I learned the book’s release date around this time last year, I thought, “That’s so far away! The wait will be excruciating!” Well, it hasn’t been excruciating. There were some long waiting periods, but things started moving quickly after the cover design arrived on November 1. And time has moved like a race car at the Indy 500 this past month. The release date has come up fast and I’ve had a moment or two of scrambling to send out postcards, or set up advertising, or email a press release, because Holy Cow! the book releases in two weeks!

I will have a guest post at Escape with Dollycas on Wednesday. On Thursday, you’ll find Veronica Walsh’s edition of A Day In The Life at dru’s book musings. Next Sunday I’ll be at Cozy Up With Kathy for an interview. I’ll post links to the websites on the appropriate days, but why not take a moment today and visit these wonderful sites. They are all rich in information for cozy readers. Also check out Dru Ann’s monthly Cozy Report at The Cozy Chicks. All Things Murder is mentioned along with two other terrific May cozy releases.

Have a great Sunday!

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