Release Day!

The day has arrived! Today Five Star Publishing (the name is truly appropriate-they are all-stars) ships All Things Murder to book distributors across the country. It will then make its way to libraries, bookstores, and readers who have pre-ordered the book. It’s a bit of warehouse-hopping, but if you are waiting for your copy, it has started to make its way to your door.

I’m thrilled to mark Release Day with the first stop on my blog tour. Please take a moment to visit Escape with Dollycas to read my guest post on All Things Murder’s setting and book cover. Thank you, Lori, for being a wonderful hostess!

I thank my family and friends for their very enthusiastic support over the last year. I am grateful to every one of you for your kind words and actions. The road to publication has resulted in a hardcover book (!), but better than that, it has brought me closer to the wonderful people in my life.

I must thank everyone at Five Star Publishing for opening the door for me. Tiffany Schofield is my fabulous source of information, guidance, and encouragement. You are awesome, Tiffany! Thank you also to Alice Duncan and Tracey Matthews for their terrific work in editing All Things. Deni Dietz, thank you for replying to my email query back in December 2012!

And thank you, everyone, for following this blog. I hope you enjoy All Things Murder!

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