A Sunday Interview

Hi, everyone! Today I’m at Cozy Up With Kathy for an interview. Kathy asked terrific questions that were fun and thought-provoking. Some took me on a wonderful trip down memory lane. Please pay a visit to read the interview and learn about other cozy books and authors. Thank you, Kathy!

Do you remember the television show, Supernanny? Each week nanny Jo Frost would give counsel parents having difficulty disciplining their rambunctious children. At the start of every episode, Jo would watch an introductory video of the family, including hair-raising clips of the children’s less-than-perfect behavior. Jo would then confidently declare, in a fabulous British accent, “I’m on my way!” I’ve been thinking of this line the last couple of days as a few family and friends have told me of messages they have received from online sellers regarding the shipment of their orders of All Things Murder. You, too, may have noticed some of these sellers have the book listed as unavailable or with a one-to-three month shipping status. Do not be alarmed! The book was not released into a black hole. These are the typical status messages sellers post while a new release is “on the road,” that period of time between shipment from the publisher and arrival at the seller’s warehouse. I have confidence you will receive the book at the start of summer, not its end. The book is also available in Ebook format, so if you have a Kindle or Nook, you don’t have to wait at all.

So to the very kind people who ordered the hardcover, rest assured, All Things Murder is on its way!

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