A Sister in Crime

This week I joined a wonderful organization, the Sisters in Crime, Inc. This is a terrific group composed of not only mystery writers, but also editors, agents, librarians, and readers. Their mission statement is to “Promote the ongoing advancement, recognition and professional development of women crime writers.”

This is the first professional organization I have joined; I am proud and delighted to be a member of the Sisters in Crime. I’m eager to investigate their website-to learn, discover, participate. I am also hopeful that I will grow into the role of mentor, and glad that I will have opportunities to give back and pay forward.

I have to say I’m a bit amused to be a member of the Sisters in Crime. As a Catholic, the only “Sisters” I have known are nuns. The Dominican Sisters, who taught me in grammar and high school. The Daughters of Wisdom, my aunt’s religious order. I was once asked if I would like to join the Dominicans. That was back in 1984, during my senior year in high school. I politely declined. Now here I am, part of a group that, among other things,  discusses the most efficacious poisons, DNA evidence, and getting away with murder. Life is funny.

Finally, I’m pleased to note this is my fifty-second post on this blog. Where’d that year go?! I am grateful to everyone who regularly visits the site, and to those of you who follow the blog (if you don’t, why not take a moment now and sign up?). I appreciate your interest and support very much. Thank you for joining me as All Things Murder traveled the road to publication.

Have a great week, everyone!


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