Sunday This and That

Hi, everyone!

I submitted Murder, By George to Five Star on Thursday. I’m crossing my fingers and, as my dad used to say, sitting on my hands because that brings extra luck. Let the waiting, and the writing of the third Veronica Walsh Mystery, commence.

Other than that, it was a quiet week and a lazy first weekend of August. I thought I’d share some articles I came across in the past days that sparked my interest and tickled my funny bone.

What do you think the C.I.A. does to the agent who ends a sentence with a preposition?

I clicked on this link because I am a big fan of Sudoku and thought this had something to do with those wonderful puzzles. I didn’t realize I needed a support group for a whole other habit.

When I look at this, I wonder what the men’s version would look like. Would it include a peach wearing jeans and a plumber’s tool belt?

Have you ever held an overdue library book? When I was a kid, I once racked up $16 in late fines. I was mortified, my mother furious. I have been diligent in returning my borrowed books since that embarrassing day. Live and learn.

This one is for those interested in presidential history, mystery lovers, and conspiracy theorists. I’m two of the three. Okay, I like a good conspiracy theory, too.
Have a great week!

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