In The News

It’s been a quiet week. I have one bit of news: All Things Murder will be released in a large print format on October 22, with Amazon fulfilling orders starting November 12. We all know someone whose eyesight isn’t terrific. Large print material, as well as audio books, are blessings to readers who can no longer enjoy a good book due to poor vision.
Here is some more news from the past week that caught my interest…

I’ve never seen the face of Jesus on my toast, but this morning I swear I saw a dog’s face, complete with floppy ears and lolling tongue, in my blueberry muffin.

Derek Jeter has a lot of thank you notes to write.

I’m going to suggest this at work tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Yet more proof that reading is a great habit. Something to do on the aforementioned seventeen-minute work break.

Yay! A new season of The Good Wife starts tonight. I love this show and am looking forward to watching one of my favorite actors, David Hyde Pierce, who will appear in a recurring role.

To all unemployed dogs looking for work, there’s a job opening in College Station. You just have to impress a 12-member selection committee. Happy retirement, Reveille.


Enjoy the last day of Summer and have a great week!



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