All Things Stats

Numbers have always been attracted to me. My work in my professional life has always tended more toward numeric than alpha. Sales figures, advertising expenditures, the cost of printing a book. Who sold the most? Who charges the least? I have compiled many lists of top spenders, lowest cost suppliers, top five sellers.

So it’s natural for me to look for meaning in this blog’s statistics. I noticed the other day that residents of seventeen countries have visited the site. I know that some have stumbled across the blog while doing a Google search on “hyphens,” “freshman,” and “EKG.” But still, seventeen! Much more than I expected when I wrote my first post in July, 2013. Back then, I expected my only readers would be family and friends. The vast majority (+1500) of visitors are from the United States. Canada follows with just over forty. Being of Irish descent, I’m always pleased to see someone from Ireland has checked out All Things Cozy. Thirty-four residents from the “Old Sod” have stopped by for a look, as well as fifteen from the United Kingdom. Australians round out the top five, visiting nine times.

The blog’s home page has been looked over more than eight hundred times. I am delighted that the most-viewed single post is the piece I wrote in memory of my aunt, Marguerite, a few days after her passing. Thirty-four people have read about her inspiring, impressive life. More than twenty have taken a look at the guest post by author Liesa Malik (her second Daisy Arthur mystery will be out next year!), my thoughts on hyphens (I guess other people are afraid of them, too), the interview I did with author Lisa Haselton, and my Father’s Day post celebrating my dad and a few fictional fathers.

For those who have found All Things Cozy via search engines, Google and Yahoo were of course the top referrers. That’s appropriate, since I have googled and yahooed hundreds of times. My Facebook page for All Things Murder directed readers here eighty-eight times. I am grateful for that, despite my ambivalence toward, and slight fear of, Facebook. I love viewing the photos my family and friends post on their pages and reading the latest goings on in their lives. But I’m not one for posting about my own doings, and except for a couple of photos of my mother (faraway cousins want to see their beloved aunt), I only post photographs of trees, birds, and deer. I’m a listener, not a talker. I hope you understand, my Facebook friends.

Finally, search terms! I discovered this list in my WordPress stat section today. The top search terms involve my name, of course. There are a few that made me giggle.

Is ‘all things good’ hyphenated. I don’t think so. Neither is All Things Murder.

Words from Cardinal Dolan to a woman immodestly dressed. It wasn’t me.

Preposition song that the nuns taught us. I learned that preposition song in my Catholic grammar school, but a lay teacher taught my class. To the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy. About above across after…

Spooky freshman reading. What does that mean? Is there nothing scary about sophomore, junior, and senior reading? Is that freshman reading for high school or college?

I’d like to end on a completely unrelated note. The Nobel committee got it right with their awarding of the Peace Prize to Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai. Congratulations, Mr. Satyarthi and Miss Yousafzai. You inspire us all.

Have a great week, everyone!


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