Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you had as wonderful and fulfilling a Christmas season as I did. It started with a beautiful Mass at my parish on Christmas morning, followed by a day spent with my mother, uncle, sister and her family, and my brother and his family. My aunt and cousins visited from Massachusetts over the weekend, bringing with them more laughter and good cheer.

Though I had most of the two weeks off from work, I reported for duty on Monday, albeit from home. Isn’t telecommuting a wonderful thing?

Tuesday brought the Music City Bowl. My alma mater, Notre Dame, won the game against LSU thanks to a last-second field goal kicked by Kyle Brindza. It was a very welcome win after the Fightin’ Irish had a less-than-stellar November.

A nice surprise came on New Year’s Day when I visited Escape with Dollycas and discovered Lori’s list of her Best Reads of 2014. All Things Murder made her Top 15!

This brings me to New Year’s resolutions. I’ve resolved to spring clean throughout the year. I have a lot of stuff I haven’t used/looked at in years crammed into drawers and closets. It’s time to let it go. I figure if I do a little bit of clearing out every week, the task won’t be so overwhelming than if I attempt to do it all at once.

There will be lots of writing this year, too. The first edit of Murder, by George should arrive this month. After the lull of the holidays, I can’t wait to launch into the publication process for this second book. And I’m working on the third installment of the Veronica Walsh mystery series. It will take place during winter and will involve Barton’s community theater. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

So how about you? How was your holiday season? And what resolutions have you made for 2015?

Have a great week, everyone!

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4 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Joann says:

    Our holiday was more quiet than yours. Christmas Eve was sent at our friends house in Palisades Park for an Italian “Feast of the Seven Fishes”. home by midnight…we got up Christmas Morning, and went to 12:00 noon Mass at St. lukes. After we got home we opened presents, followed by a lite dinner…very lite…we were still full from the night before. Then we went down the street to visit Robbyn, Bob and Zoe Tulip ( their yellow lab). The older we get, the more we like quiet holidays. Hopefully within the next 2 years we will be spending Christmas and the winter months under a palm tree in Florida! Can’t wait for that.

    • Jeanne says:

      Happy New Year, Joann! Though your holiday didn’t have all the frenzy and noise, you still had the joy and time spent with Gary and your friends (and wasn’t it nice that someone else cooked all the fish?). Sounds like a good one.

      So how many strands of lights will you be wrapping around the palm tree? !

  2. Sandy Todd says:

    Happy New Year Jeanne! Your holiday experiences sound wonderful. We had the adult children and their children (our awesome grands!) here on Christmas Eve. We decorated cut out sugar cookies, feasted on homemade chili, homemade chicken noodle soup, breads and desserts. Our grandson who lives in Texas arrived the day after Christmas, so we were able to spend a day with him as well. Congratulations on All Things Murder making Lori’s top 15 list! It is a great read! I’ve only made one New Year’s resolution. I resolve to take at least a half hour out of my busy day each day to read for enjoyment. Up until now I have only read at bedtime. I’m doing well keeping that resolution and boy does it feel good! I’m looking forward to reading Murder, By George and many more of that series.
    All the best,
    Sandy in So. Cali

    • Jeanne says:

      And a Happy New Year to you, Sandy! I’m glad you had a wonderful holiday. I enjoy hearing of how others spend Christmas; great traditions vary not just by family, but by the region where people live.

      Great New Year’s resolution. You will benefit in many ways from relaxing for 30 minutes each day. I’ve heard that a person has to do something for 18 consecutive days for it to become a habit. You’re almost there!

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