A Release Date, By George

I received a short but sweet e-mail from my Five Star (and five-star!) editor, Tiffany Schofield on Friday. Murder, by George, the second book in the Veronica Walsh Mystery series, will be released January 20, 2016!

It may seem like a long wait, but we’re already three months into 2015. Happy Spring, by the way. I’m excited about the January release (of course I’d be excited about a release date any time of the year). It will be a welcome antidote to the post-holiday doldrums ushered in by the cold days of January. Promoting the book will enliven the winter months for me, and for readers, nothing beats curling up in a comfy chair with a cup of hot cocoa or tea and a good book while it snows outside, right?

One note- the book will ship from Five Star’s warehouse on January 20. It will take a couple of weeks for it to reach seller warehouses, so I estimate it will be available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other vendors the first week of February. Just in time for Valentine’s Day shopping. Hint, hint…

That’s my news for the week. Like the email from Tiffany, short and sweet. I hope you all have a great week!



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6 Responses to A Release Date, By George

  1. Joann Appleton says:

    When can we pre-order it? 😀 Sent from JoJo’s IPad


    • Jeanne says:

      Hi Joann! It’s not up on Amazon yet; estimating based on when All Things was added, I expect it will be available for pre-order in two or three months. I’m glad you’re eager to order it- thanks!

  2. Sandy Todd says:

    Congratulations Jeanne! I so loved the debut in this series so naturally I am waiting anxiously for Murder, By George. I’ll be watching for your promos on the cozy mystery blog sites I follow. Please keep us posted on your progress with #3!
    Sandy in So. Cali

    • Jeanne says:

      Hi Sandy, and thank you! It’s good to hear from you. And thank you for your enthusiasm for the series. I appreciate it very much.

      I’m on the early pages of book 3; I’m having fun putting the ideas on paper (actually, computer screen).

      Happy Spring!

  3. ellie mac says:

    Hi Ms. Quigley, I am anxiously awaiting the release of this next book in your series. I read the first one and loved it. I wrote you several months ago and am definitely a fan of you and your wonderful writings. I look forward to your emails and hope I continue to receive them. Thank you for providing me with a wonderful series to look forward to . I am excited about this second book!Sincerely,Elaine McFerrin

    • Jeanne says:

      Hi Elaine! Thank you so much for visiting the blog and for your kind words. I appreciate them very much. I’m so glad you enjoyed All Things Murder. January 20 will be here before we know it…I can’t believe I’m eager for winter to come!

      I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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