Edits, Round Two

This past week I have been working on the second round of edits Tracey Matthews from Five Star sent me a few days before Easter.

Have you ever worked with the Track Changes feature in MS Word? If you have, you know Word doesn’t remove deletions, it strikes through the words and lines so an editor and writer know what changes each has made. The document ends up a colorful three-hundred pages (give or take). It’s easy for an extra space or period to get lost among the changes, or for a piece of dialogue to go without a closing quotation mark. Tracey, a fantastic editor and fact checker, went through the Murder, by George manuscript and corrected these errors.

Tracey also requested an alternative word choice in a couple of spots and pointed out inconsistencies in the text and confusing passages. For example, too many dialogue tags (he said, she said, the dog said) can slow the story’s pace, but attribution is needed at times to break up long stretches of conversation and to identify the character who uttered the marvelous quip or profound insight.

Finally, Tracey went over the Ancillary Materials document I submitted with the first edit. Included in the document are short descriptions of Murder, by George  for the book jacket and Five Star’s catalog and a full plot synopsis for the cover designers. I should have the cover image to share with you by early summer.

Here’s the copy that will appear in the publisher’s catalog for Murder, by George:

Retired soap actress Veronica Walsh leads a fulfilling second act in her Adirondack hometown of Barton. With a new business and thriving romance, she has no time for amateur sleuthing. Then architect Scott Culverson buys a vintage box at a flea market and discovers a valuable painting inside a locked drawer. An argument over the painting’s ownership ensues, with Scott battling both the artist’s family and Ella and Madeline Griffin, whose mother received the painting as a wedding gift. When Scott is stabbed to death and the painting stolen, the Griffins ask Veronica to help clear suspicion from their hot-tempered great-niece.

Veronica’s sleuthing introduces her to a colorful cast of characters. Whom can Veronica trust, and who will lead her to the brink of death?

That’s enough about the second in the Veronica Walsh mystery series. I’m still promoting the first, All Things Murder! I’ll be doing a reading from the book at the Sloatsburg Public Library in Sloatsburg, New York next Wednesday, April 22. I’m looking forward to meeting the library’s patrons and sharing with them a selection from my debut cozy. It should be a fun evening so if you are in the area, come join us!

Happy Sunday, everyone!



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