Happy Fourth!

To everyone in the United States, a happy July Fourth! Enjoy whatever festivities you have planned today in celebration of Independence Day.

I know I haven’t reported on Murder, by George, since April, when I finished the second round of edits. The lull should end this month! The designer has been hard at work creating a cover for the book; I expect to receive a PDF file with the image any day now. I’m very eager to see what will be that introductory look for readers. Once I have the cover, I can start on my own design for bookmarks and postcards. The promotional materials will be ready when I receive the ARCs (advance reader copies), probably in August. So just as kids are going back to school, I’ll be entering my sophomore year of book promotion. My homework will be to contact cozy bloggers, libraries, and booksellers and ask them to review Murder, by George, order it for their patrons, and stock it on their bookshelves. Promoting All Things Murder was quite a learning experience for me; I hope to put those lessons to effective use this fall.

I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s summer! Enjoy the weekend, wherever you’re spending it. And have a great week, everyone!



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2 Responses to Happy Fourth!

  1. Doward Wison says:

    Have a safe and wonderful weekend. So good to hear that Book#2 is moving along. Can’t wait to get it.

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