The Cover, by Deirdre

It’s here: the cover for Murder, by George!

Murder By George Cover

Deirdre Wait designed the image; I thank her and ENC Graphic Services very much for putting such a beautiful “face” on the book.

Deirdre included both important and minor details from the mystery to invite readers into the story. You’ve probably already identified the murder weapon: a cheese knife. It’s earned its front-and-center place of prominence on the cover. I like Deirdre’s choice to leave the knife clean, instead placing a drop of blood on a second crucial element in the plot, a painting titled Orchard Street. The valuable work of art is discovered by architect Scott Culverson at Barton’s annual flea market. His find prompts several people to claim ownership of the painting and, perhaps, provokes one claimant to plunge that cheese knife into Scott’s neck.

Orchard Street is found inside a red velvet bag hidden in a plain wooden box. The bag isn’t too important to the story; it’s a part of the overall description of Scott’s flea market purchase. It’s a small detail that enhances the cover, adding a lovely, rich color and texture to the image. As does the cheese and grape platter in the bottom corner. After seeing the platter, my cousin Laura said she was suddenly hungry for cheese. I told her to make sure she used a plastic knife to slice it. Just to be on the safe side.

The velvet bag serves another purpose. Deirdre cleverly uses the bag to conceal the painting, leaving its content to readers’ imaginations. Of course, Orchard Street is described in the story; I appreciate how Deirdre allows readers to finish “painting” it. I like to have some room to form my own image of people, places, and things in books I read and I leave some space for that in my work. Do you like having that space, or would you rather authors’ provide detailed descriptions of their characters and everything around them?

Finally, my thanks to Deirdre for adding a review quote for All Things Murder. It will attract readers of the first book in the Veronica Walsh series and, I hope, nudge those who didn’t read the book to do so, immediately! Always promoting!

The cover has received a wonderful response from my family and friends. I hope you like it as much as they do. Please, share your thoughts!

Happy Sunday, and have a great week!


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2 Responses to The Cover, by Deirdre

  1. Doward Wilson says:

    This was a great post. I can’t wait for the new book, it has been way too long since we entered Veronica’s wonderful world.

    • Jeanne says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Doward! I’m delighted to hear you are looking forward to another visit with Veronica and friends. Barton is a fun place for me to create and I’m so glad others enjoy the village, too.

      I hope you’re having a terrific Sunday!

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