Getting Cozy for the Fall

fall wreath

It’s the time of year when we start to enjoy evenings before a crackling fire, put on our sweaters and fleece-lined slippers, and swap cooling drinks for mugs of marshmallow-topped hot cocoa. What is a wonderful accompaniment to all this? A cozy mystery, of course!

You will have to wait until January to read my autumn-set Murder, by George, but there are several cozies available now (or soon!) that are sure to please as the days grow shorter and colder.

First on my list is Sliced Vegetarian by fellow Five Star Publishing author Liesa Malik. The second in the Colorado-based Daisy Arthur series (Faith on the Rocks) centers on the murder of an accountant. When Cissy Melato is found dead in a supermarket bathroom and a special-needs adult is the prime suspect, Daisy slips into sleuth-mode once again to clear the young man’s name. A grocery store isn’t a typical murder site; I’m eager to see how Daisy searches for clues among the broccoli, parsnips, and bok choy.

Other Five Star releases on my reading list are Mike Befeler’s Mystery of the Dinner Playhouse, The Musubi Murder  by Frankie Bow, Stone Cold Case by Catherine Dilts, Annette Mahon’s Slay Bells, and A Pallette for Murder by Vanessa A. Ryan.

I have been a reader of Rosie Genova’s Italian Kitchen Mysteries since its debut (Murder and Marinara). The third book, A Dish Best Served Cold, promises all the elements that have made the series a winner: an intelligent sleuth in Victoria Rienzi, romantic complications, a colorful, intergenerational family, and the Atlantic Ocean. Genova raises the drama by putting the Rienzi family’s Jersey Shore restaurant in the path of a hurricane. This should be good.

As a longtime fan of Karen MacInerney’s Gray Whale Inn cozies, I am excited for her new series, the Dewberry Farm Mysteries, which debuts with Killer Jam. In this Texas-set story, journalist Lucy Resnick’s new life as owner of her grandmother’s farm is disrupted by an oil driller who wants to install a derrick on the property. When the executive is found dead, with a jar of Lucy’s jam at her side, you know whom the police will finger as their prime suspect. I’m looking forward to my visit to Dewberry Farm in Buttercup, TX.

Nancy Atherton’s Aunt Dimity paranormal series is very cozy, with its honey-colored cottage in the Cotswolds setting, quirky village denizens, and well-intentioned, but nosy, protagonist. There are no murders in these stories; sleuth Lori Shepherd investigates puzzles such as a garden well that seems to grant the whispered wishes of villagers, the cause of “accidents” at a Renaissance festival, and the mystery raised by a vampire sighting. Atherton’s latest, Aunt Dimity and the Summer King, brings a threat to Lori’s village of Finch in the form of a real estate developer. Can Lori save her adopted hometown from the spectre of McMansions or is this the end of Finch’s idyllic days?

Want more? I also have Tracy Weber’s A Killer Retreat, Fillet of Murder by Linda S. Reilly, Dead to the Last Drop by Cleo Coyle, and Parnell Hall’s latest, Puzzled Indemnity marked as To Read.

What mysteries are you looking forward to “falling” into this season? I still have room on my list for more!

Have a great week, everyone!

fall leaves

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