The Fall-Back Hour

Happy November, everyone!

Today many of us are enjoying an extra hour, having moved our clocks from 2 am to 1 am this morning as daylight saving time ended. “Falling back” in November is so much better than “Springing forward” in March, when we gain an hour of sunlight, but lose an hour.

What do you do with this gained hour? Sleep is probably the popular answer, but here are a few ideas to spend those bonus sixty minutes. If you are in Australia, disregard this post, because it’s already tomorrow (to paraphrase the great Charles Schulz).

Write! Yes, I’m spending time today working on the third Veronica Walsh mystery. If you are a writer, you might also have risen from bed early to sit at your computer or with a pen poised over paper to start a new chapter on your latest book.

If you are not an author, you can write a letter to a loved one. Not a text, email, or composition in a Word document! Do it the old-fashioned way, on nice stationery with a ballpoint pen (unless you have a quill and inkwell handy).

Read! Start a new book in your to-read pile, or use the gained hour to finish that 500 page biography you’ve been soldiering through for weeks. I’ll be starting Mike Befeler’s Mystery of the Dinner Playhouse later today.

Walk! Get out and get some fresh air, exercise, and soul-boosting views of the beautiful autumn colors. Roam your neighborhood, checking out what damage the trick-or-treaters did yesterday treading across lawns and racing through leaf piles to add to their bags of yummy goodies. There may also be some discarded bottles or cigarette stubs from that party your neighbor had (and to which you were not invited). You can go by his house and throw a few pebbles at his window, disturbing his attempt to slumber his way through the fall-back hour. Just make sure there’s a nearby tree, SUV, or large dog you can hide behind after you’ve played your post-Halloween mischief.

Clean a closet! If you’re really ambitious, you can do some autumn cleaning, clearing out old things that you can toss in the garbage or donate to make room for the stuff you’ll get on Christmas. If you’re not up to facing your double closet, pick a drawer, any drawer, and get to work.

Bake! If you watch The Great British Baking Show (I love this show!), the voice of Sue Perkins is now in your head. You can start getting your holiday-baking muscles in shape by mixing up a batch of oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies. Your house will be filled with a delectable aroma, you will feel great about yourself for making something from scratch, and you’ll have your own delicious treats after giving away candy all day yesterday. Unless you’re me, who only had two trick-or-treaters.

Phone a friend! Call someone you haven’t talked with in a while and catch up on what’s been going on in your lives. Your friend will (hopefully) be happy to hear from you, and the warm glow of friendship will linger for days.

Sleep. If you must.

Have a great week!


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2 Responses to The Fall-Back Hour

  1. Joann Appleton says:

    Hope all is well. Today is our final day here down in sunny Florida. Just spent 3 awesome weeks. First with a dear friend at her home in TarponSprings, then 2 wonderful weeks on Sanibel Island. Ending with a 2 day stay in Orlando. Back on the auto train tomorrow..home Tuesday.

    Happy Nov. 1st!

    Sent from JoJo’s IPad


    • Jeanne says:

      Hi Joann! I’m glad you had a wonderful visit to Florida. Get ready for the beautiful Northeastern leaf colors when you return. Have a safe journey!

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