Bad News/Good News

The last ten days have brought good news and bad news from my publisher, Five Star Publishing.

First, the bad news. After much analysis and reflection, Five Star has made the very difficult decision to stop acquiring mystery titles. They will continue to accept manuscript submissions for their Western and Frontier lines and are one-hundred percent committed to the mysteries they are contracted to publish through March, 2017.

I am very grateful to Five Star for the opportunity to present my writing to readers. Without this terrific company, I might still be daydreaming about being a published author. I’ll always be proud to have been a Five Star author.

This doesn’t mark the end for the Veronica Walsh series and other stories that have yet to emerge from my brain. Once I finish writing Veronica’s third adventure (I’ve fallen behind a bit, I admit), I’ll start the search for a new home for Veronica and her friends. I appreciate your positive thoughts on this effort.

The good news from Five Star, which I received on Friday, is that the advance copies for Murder, by George are on the way! I can’t wait to see the ARCs and distribute them to cozy bloggers, librarians, and bookstore managers.  I understand the importance of book promotion now more than ever and will work hard to spread word of the book’s release far and wide.

Finally, if you were hit by the blizzard that roared up the East coast (fifteen inches of snow fell on my town), I hope you have electrical power, are still talking to the people with whom you were snowbound, and have shoveled out of the mounds of snow without too many aches and pains.

Have a great week, everyone.

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2 Responses to Bad News/Good News

  1. Doward Wilson says:

    Sorry to hear your publisher’s news but with your wonderful writing you will find a new home for you and your crew of characters. Are you going to be promoting the upcoming book on Facebook with contests and giveaways? That makes it easy for us to share your books and news! I have been waiting forever for this second book and now the end is in sight. Will the third book that you are working on still be published by Five Star Publishing or will it have to be shopped for a new home. Several of my favorite authors are with Midnight Ink and Henry Press and they seem to be doing well. Since several authors and series have been dropped with the Penguin and Random House mergers, so many are shopping or going with self-publishing. My thoughts and prayers are with you thru this change and please, keep on writing these wonderful stories.

    • Jeanne says:

      Thank you, Doward! Your words of support are much appreciated. I haven’t thought about doing a Facebook contest or giveaway. I should! The third book will need to be “shopped around.” I’ve read a number of Midnight Ink published books and am familiar with Henery Press; they are terrific publishers. Self-publishing is also an option. It will be an interesting year!

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