Lazy, Hazy Days of August

Happy Sunday, everyone! My apologies for my month-long absence; July was a bit of a whirlwind.

Can you believe August starts tomorrow? Where has the year gone? Christmas is in five months (anyone shopping yet?), the U.S. Presidential Election takes place in ninety-nine days, I turn fifty in x number of days (no, I’m not in denial about it), and parents and kids are already buying their back to school supplies.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. There is much to celebrate during the sweltering heat of August. The Olympics, for a start! It’s Admit You’re Happy Month (you can do it), National Picnic Month (a.k.a. Invite Your Backyard Ants to Lunch), and National Eye Exam Month (no jokes about this one-just get one). Simplify Your Life Week begins on the first. When you’ve done that, you can celebrate during National Smile Week, commencing August 8.

August 2 is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. If you can’t get to the supermarket to buy a box, grab a couple of chocolate chip cookies (homemade, if possible), put a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream between them, and stick the treat in the freezer for an hour or two. Yummy.

August 3 is Grab Some Nuts Day. I don’t think that’s a euphemism.

Left Hander’s Day is celebrated on the thirteenth. I’ll think of my dad on that day. A natural lefty, he became a righty in the first grade when he watched his teacher, Sister Ratched (I made that up), slap a classmate for writing with his left hand. Dad moved his pencil to his right hand before he suffered a similar punishment. My father was a very smart man.

Remember to flex your phalanges on August 6, Wiggle Your Toes Day. You can do it in the sand, the swimming pool, or while your watching television.

August 7 is International Forgiveness Day and if we don’t take advantage of it, we get a second chance on the twenty-seventh and Global Forgiveness Day. Imagine if we made the effort…

August 9 is Book Lovers Day!

We have two sanctioned days for taking it easy: Lazy Day (8/10) and Relaxation Day (8/15).

August 11 is Presidential Joke Day. George Washington, Rutherford B. Hayes, and Calvin Coolidge walk into a bar…

There’s one official dog day of August, the twenty-sixth. That’s National Dog Day, when we honor man’s best friend, particularly those wonderful canines who guide the blind, assist the disabled, and excel at search and rescue. It’s also a day to consider giving a homeless dog a home.

You may not want to go to the dentist on August 22. That’s National Tooth Fairy Day. You don’t want your dental caretaker giving the fairy a reason to stop by your house that night.

The tenth is designated National S’mores Day, while National Marshmallow Toasting Day comes on August 30. Shouldn’t that be the other way around?

I bet you have some special days coming up this month, too. A wedding? Birthday? Family reunion? Or maybe you don’t have anything planned now, but something wonderful will happen that will make August 2016 a time you will always remember.


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