How Veronica and Barton Came Into Being

As I mentioned in my last post, during my library visits I was asked how I came to choose a soap opera actress as the protagonist of my cozy series and why I placed her hometown in the Adirondacks.

I grew up watching soaps All My Children and General Hospital. I got hooked on Days of Our Lives  in college and post-school drifted over to One Life to Live. I became a sporadic viewer, but kept an eye on the goings on in the soap industry (the soap magazines at the supermarket checkout were great sources of information). I liked to know the comings and goings of the actors I watched as a kid and what was going on with their characters.

The soap world underwent a great upheaval around the time I was developing what became All Things Murder. Ratings declined, causing the cancellation of several shows and the firing of actors from other soaps due to budget cuts. By 2011, only four soap operas remained on air. I wondered what all the actors who lost their roles (some had played their parts for decades) would do. There certainly wasn’t room for all of them on the surviving soaps and very few, like Susan Lucci, made the move to prime time television.

I realized it would be fun to write about a soap actress turned amateur sleuth, and I thought having this character return to her hometown after losing her longtime role would be an interesting introduction to my cozy series.

This is how Veronica Walsh came into being. Equally important to having an engaging protagonist is the setting in which she is placed. The cozy hometown needs to be a place readers will want to visit again and again, just as viewers love to return to the soap opera towns of Port Charles, Pine Valley, and Genoa City.

A real place of escape inspired the setting for Veronica’s hometown of Barton. Many of my childhood summer vacations were spent at Lake George in New York’s gorgeous Adirondack mountains. I have many wonderful memories of the time my family has spent in Lake George, so when it came to choosing a place for Veronica to live, it was a no-brainer to plunk her fictional, idyllic village of Barton in the Adirondack neighborhood. Veronica’s already paid a visit to the real Lake George; in Murder, by George she and her friend take a memorable evening drive past the lake.

When I visited the Investigating Mysteries group at the New City Library, I was asked if I considered basing the series in my hometown. I didn’t (sorry – perhaps in the future!), in part because I enjoyed creating a whole village out of my imagination. Also, for All Things Murder plot purposes, Barton needed to be a distance from where Veronica’s career is based (the Adirondacks are a three-hour drive from New York City). Barton is Veronica’s place of escape and respite, a place to consider her future and recover her spirit after her own soap world collapses.

My hope is that readers will fall in love with both character and setting and continue to come back for more adventures in the Veronica Walsh mystery series!

Have a terrific week!



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