A Few More Reader Questions

Since my last post, the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series and the U.S. presidential race ended in astounding fashion. Holy cow! is all I have to say about both historical events.

Today I want to share a few more questions I fielded during my recent meetings with readers of the Veronica Walsh series.

What research do you do for a book? Thanks to Google, I’m able to quickly obtain answers to questions I have on subjects such as the Adirondack region, police procedure and terminology, and what exactly happens in the body when a person is struck in the head with a cast-iron skillet or stabbed in the neck with a cheese knife.

There is a character in Murder, by George who was arrested years before the time of the story. I was very set on what her misconduct was and did quite a bit of research looking for evidence that would support the presence of her fingerprints in the police database. I didn’t find the necessary backup, but that research led to another charge I filed against the character.

I’ve also spent time seeking information on issues I won’t disclose here because they figure prominently in my current writing project!

Do you ever have writer’s block? Oh, yes. Sometimes it’s more like writer’s indecision. Do I want this character to be the murderer, or that one? I can go back and forth on motive and means. When I hit a roadblock, a walk around the neighborhood often helps. Fresh air, sunshine, and the beauty of nature are wonderful aids in clearing and calming my mind. Other times, a break from writing for a day or two helps.

At times my problem is procrastination. I can’t explain why it’s hard for me to sit down and do something I love, but sometimes it is (I’ve heard this is a common problem for writers). I recently read a book, Get It Done: From Procrastination To Creative Genius In 15 Minutes A Day by Sam Bennett, that gave me terrific inspiration and helped me out of a rut. Ms. Bennett includes easy, fun exercises to help readers get going on their creative projects and see them through to completion. Bennett suggests giving ourselves fifteen minutes a day of daydreaming, doing a repetitive activity such as baking, folding laundry, or pitching pennies to stimulate the creative part of your brain. It works; I’ve talked my way through a few plot matters while spending my daydream minutes assembling a jigsaw puzzle.  I wholeheartedly recommend this book!

Do you read reviews? Yes. Not only professional reviews – Publishers WeeklyLibrary Journal and Kirkus Reviews – but also the critiques readers post on Amazon and Goodreads. I find readers’ opinions to be helpful, even the reviews that aren’t glowing. I like to know what parts of a story readers enjoy, what elements did and didn’t interest them, and their thoughts on the characters. I appreciate the time they give to reading my work and writing a review. When a criticism makes me yell “ouch!”, I remind myself that tastes differ and even classic novels and runaway bestsellers have received a share of one-star appraisals.

Do you have pets? The woman who asked the question pointed out that animals are popular characters in cozies. Dogs and cats have left their paw prints on the mystery scene, while amateur sleuths have also counted horses, birds, goats, and cows as members of their families and sometime detecting sidekicks.

My answer is no, I do not have a pet. Unless you count my imaginary dog, who doesn’t cost me one cent for food, Milk Bones, and pet insurance. And he’ll never die.

Though I don’t have a furry friend of my own, I do love animals, dogs in particular. I also enjoy the wild life that roams my backyard: squirrels, birds, chipmunks, stray cats, and deer. Yes, I feed them seed and stale bread, and last week I threw a sliced up jack o’lantern among the leaves for their munching delight. The squirrels feasted on the gourds. I bet some other creatures had their own chow down under the cover of darkness.

I never considered giving Veronica a pet; an animal character didn’t cross my mind when I was planning All Things Murder. Ideas for a new series are drifting around my brain; when I finally get the story on paper, my new protagonist will definitely have a dog. And he’ll look a lot like my imaginary canine.

Have a great week, everyone. Enjoy the finale of the beautiful fall foliage and the busy days before we have our Thanksgiving feasts.

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